Vapor Intrusion Assessment

Clean and healthy air is the key factor of healthy life and this is also the reason why you need to consider getting vapor intrusion assessment for your home. This assessment can analyze the potential hazard caused by intrusion of vapor containing dangerous substances to the air inside and surrounding our houses. This is one important way to ensure healthy and safe environment for your family.

Intrusion of vapor containing hazardous materials can be caused by many factors. The soil may contain various chemicals and among them can be volatile and released into the air. It can also from accidental contamination from underground sewage and others. When the contaminated soil gas released into the air, it can expose your family with serious dangers as those contaminants many lead to various health problems. To make it worse, contaminated soil gas that turned into vapor intrusion (VI) may not be easily detected. No wonder as VI often colorless, tasteless, and odorless. There’s no way you let this potential danger exposing your family. By assessing contaminated soil gas on your home environment, it can give you clear picture about the actual condition and what kind of approach would be needed to answer the problem.

You can follow the guideline from EPA about VI and how to asses and handle this issue. But off course, it requires particular expertise and the right resources to be able to deal with this condition. What you need is professional institution specializing in environmental engineering services and off course, the one with good credentials in VI assessment. There are only few companies specializing in this field and looking for the right one to meet your actual expectation can be much more challenging. The first thing you need to do is looking for recommendation and reference from people you trust about where to get VI assessment. Off course you can also research about this issue online. You will get enough information to help you find what you need.

It is very important to choose VI assessment service with good credentials. Get complete information about the company and what kind of services they offer. It is important that the company has team of environmental experts, both scientists and engineers. It also needs to have complete resources to deliver thorough assessment with precision result based on EPA guideline. Accreditation and certification from authorized bodies in environmental engineering would be much preferable.