Simple Remodeling for Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom is very confusing because it is complicated to remodel. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible for you to remodel your beloved small bathroom. This article will show you several ways to remodel your small bathroom and make it as a comfortable bathroom to use.


For example, you can start to remodel the bathroom by choosing the right sink. You also need to choose the right color and light to give different sensation and definitely it will be larger than the original size. For your reference, you can use Asian bathroom remodeling design. The Asian style can be taken from the accessory such as the use of Japanese stepped chest. Fluidity design gives different sensation around your bathroom. The most important thing is that you can use darker colors whether for the color of the accessories and the color of the water.

Moreover, you can also take open air design for your small bathroom remodeling project. The idea is using 2 small closets and managing the lighting perfectly to create larger sensation. It is okay to use small cabinet with soft colors. You can also add stone floor ornament. Definitely, it is a really relaxing bathroom to use although the size is small with limited space to remodel.