Maintaining an Ant-Free Home

When you have ants, they seem impossible to get rid of. Ants often disappear for days at a time, and then, as soon a crumb falls onto the floor, the morning after the incident, you see ants everywhere. Even with ant traps and bug boxes, they still seem to find their way to the food droppings.

While ant pest control may feel like a distant dream, it is possible to maintain an ant-free household.

Find Deterrents
Finding natural deterrents is a great place to start, especially if you have tried sprays, bombings and bug boxes. Some folks have had luck using products like vinegar for cleaning or mouthwash with bay leaves, which keeps the ants away. Others draw lines by doors with vaseline or chalk, which can also keep the ants away, as they won’t cross these products.

Daily Cleaning
It seems tedious to vacuum and sweep every night, but it will keep the ants away. They can smell any food that falls to the floor and act as quickly as possible to get it. A quick vacuum and sweep will only take about ten minutes and can reduce the number of ants that enter your home. Nobody wants to wake up and see a floor covered with ants.

Trying natural remedies to keep ants away can help take care of the problem and keep your home ant-free, but if they’re continuing to invade your house, contact an exterminator for more help.