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There are many adult dating sites that allow you to find local members, but nothing like the site we are about to review. is the leader in matching members to based on various metrics.

Unlike traditional websites like and Instafuckfriend goes above and beyond adult dating by helping you find and meet local members that want to fuck.

Much like Tinder, instafuckfriend uses matching criteria to help you find someone who shares similar characteristics and compatibility. This is one of the reasons that when it comes to finding a compatible member to meet for sex, Instafuckfriend is the authority in fuck buddy finder. You can sign up and create a profile in minutes and start swiping instantly.

How the site works

Much like Tinder and other fuck sites, the website instafuckfriend matches people based on compatibility criteria. with over 1.5 million members, you are sure to find someone who is looking to spice things up. The matching part of the site is essentially a hot or not game, allowing you to sift through thousands of members in a short period of time. Swiping can get addicting when you are looking for a sexy fuck friend that wants to meet you tonight.

When you sign up to this site you will be advised that you are entering a fuck site. Upon sign up, the website goes through a series of questions about your likes, interests and what you are looking for in a compatible fuck buddy. Other matching services have few questions and are not as accurate when it comes to helping you find a local hookup.

Fuck Buddy Finder

How to ask a member to meet up

Asking a local girl or guy to meet up can be scary if you are too straightforward. Never come across too desperate and show sexual weakness another person you. There is a way to make it not awkward and easy for both parties. Follow this steps and you will be on your way to meeting someone who will rock your sock off.

1. Be respectful:
Everyone likes to be respected, so remember to treat other members how you want to be treated.

2. Don’t send pics without asking permission
Some members think that it is okay to send a photo another member without asking permission. Most people who send unsolicited dirty photos will most likely be denied of any chance of meeting and doing some fucking

3. Remember to not share any personal information. Giving away your personal identity right away can be dangerous, so make sure you are always careful of what you say share with other members.

Design and user experience

Instafuckfiend is designed to be used on any platform you are using. The mobile design is interactive and easy to navigate. Because the website has a mobile app feel, messages, images, and videos can be easily and conveniently read. The desktop version of the website very easy to navigate, with a clear header button and on-site notifications.

Find a Fuck Buddy Free

Now that you have read our complete review on Instafuckfriend, you are ready to go out there and meet and fuck a local buddy in just minutes. Aways practice safe sex and remember our advice when it comes to meeting new people in person.

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