How to Protect Your Home from Hurricane Storms

When living in a region that is prone to hurricane storms, protecting your home becomes more important than just ensuring that the doors are sealed tight and the windows are shut. Finding ways to keep the hurricane-force winds at bay, and keeping all the water and hail on the outside is a must when the protection of family and belongings is at stake. There are several products that you can buy and have installed including the following: shutters, doors, and storm panels that will bring a piece of mind when and if another big storm hits.

Hurricane Storm Shutters

Hurricane storm shutters are perfect for protecting the fragile glass windows of your home. At Fort Myers FL hurricane storm shutters, there is a large selection of Accordion, Bahama, Colonial and Roll Up shutters that provide both security and safety during harrowing storms. Accordion shutters do not corrode or rust and can withstand excessive heat and humidity. Bahama shutters on the other hand are used to protect from sunlight, and conserve energy costs. Colonial shutters are created to endure hurricane-force winds and Roll Up shutters can be manually or automatically controlled.

Impact Doors and Panels

In addition to having shutters, both impact doors and panels are a must have when protecting your home from hurricane storms. Impact resistant doors and windows withstand against gale force winds and provide maximum security. Adding storm panels across these impact doors and windows is an affordable way to get hurricane protection without requiring a lot of storage space. Adding all of these protection options together ensures a safe home in the face of disastrous weather.