Here is the Review of Sony W800/B 20.1MP Digital Camera

Pocket digital camera is a good choice for you who want to get practical gadget that is ready to capture the best moments in your life. Sony W800/B 20.1MP comes as one of pocket cameras that will make you enjoy on capturing the photos. It has modern features technology using the image stabilization which allows you to catch the picture without the blurry effect. It has a compact design with the impressive appearance with material using the brushed metal design which makes this gadget look in such a premium design. It has a relatively complete setting that will make you easy to adjust the camera setting. Let’s take a look on this camera review.

taking picture

This digital camera has the dimension at 50 mm × 22 mm × 54 mm. The total weight of this unit is about 0.28 pounds. Of course, it has an ergonomic design which will be easy to handle with the single hand. The LCD display on its back has its clear view as the good viewfinder. It has 2.7” size, which comfortable enough for viewing the photos and capture the pictures. The main resolution of this camera is 20.1 MP. It produces several images and videos format. The maximal still image pictures that can be taken with this camera on 4:3 aspect ratio is 20 MP (5,152 x 3,864 pixels).

Sony lens is the main core of this camera’s eye. It has 10x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom. The focus controls on this camera are Multi Point AF, Center Weighted AF, Tracking Focus and Face Tracking Focus. You can easily pick the focus that you want to get using this camera. It has a bright flash design which is easy to adjust. The picture can be taken in such a clear view using this camera even in a less-lighting setting. You can enjoy on taking the pictures because of the exposure setting on this camera has its best quality. The clear images are the good impression from this camera.

The advanced feature of this camera is the SteadyShot from Sony. It helps to stabilize the image taking process so you can get the sharp photos without the blurry nuance. Moreover, the intelligent auto mode will make this digital camera automatically detect the best photo setting for the pictures that you want to take. It also supports the 360° sweep panorama. The face detection for this camera is also supporting for about 8 faces. It has unique blink detection which will make you easily take the portrait photo. You also can pick the picture effects that are already built in on this camera. It is cool, isn’t it? This gadget is one of the best seller in the marketplace, and it is easy to carry this camera for family vacations and trips.

This camera offers a good design with its impressive photo results. However, the small screen size might be a little problem for some people. It also has the large camera resolution, but it can’t be applied for the images in 16:9 ratio using the maximal resolution. This camera won’t give best result in dark areas due to its light performance feature. However, for the overall feature, this camera is good enough as your moment capturer. It has a good design with the complete image processing using the modern technology.