Exotic Hardwoods

There are some amazing types of hardwood floor out there. The types of wood, the color ranges and the grain of the wood are truly sublime in their beauty. The Frontier Cherry flooring is fantastic looking, with its thick grain and it’s faintly brownish red hues. You would have a hard time thinking it was even close to the same kind of wood flooring as the Tropic Cherry, with a richer and more subtle tannish brown aspect to it. Now add to that the Bamboo flooring. The three different colors of the wood have to be seen to be believed. And their names are exactly evocative of their colors. Golden Bamboo with its pale brilliance, the more moderate tannish Canvas Bamboo and the almost tenebrous depth of the Smoky Bamboo, each capable of adding depth to any room. The only thing surprising about any of this is that all of this, and more, is part of the value collections for flooring at Floor Covering International. There are also light colored Pines, perfect for the bedroom, Dark Walnut that would look great in the den, and every imaginable color in between, and whether you are looking for a darker or lighter wood for your flooring, the price is always right!