Resolution from Canon EOS 5DS Camera

Canon has already produced lot of cameras that of course we can select them as needed. This is a sign that Canon wants to dominate the camera interest of the world market. One of its products is Canon EOS 5DS Digital SLR which are equipped with high specification and qualified.


Through this camera, Canon will target professional photographers by bringing the latest technology, as well as sensor with the most high picture resolution in DSLR cameras. It is equipped with CMOS 35 mm sensor Full Frame with a maximum resolution of 50.6 MP. In addition, the camera is also equipped with Dual DIGIC 5 processor which is claimed to produce a sharper image. Beside using DIGIC 5 processor that is capable of shooting continuously at speeds of up to 5 frames per seconds (fps) at full resolution 50.6 MP, the camera is also equipped with an auto focus system that has 61 focus points, equivalent to the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 1DX. In addition, this camera also comes with EOS ITR technology which allows the camera to remain focused on the object he shoot, although the object is moving.

The advantages of using this camera

There are many advantages of this camera like the following below.

– Processor DIGIC 5 as image processor featured
This camera is a camera aimed at professional photographers. The camera is equipped with DIGIC 5 image processor which is very superior and qualified as the best image processing this year.
22.3 MP sensor lens

As a mainstay of the reliable photographer, this camera is very sophisticated and has high specification for capturing the precious moments in your life. 22 MP sensor lens in this camera is perfectly suited to meet all composition that is very flexible and attractive.

– Having light dimensions with modern design
With a weight of only 0.8 kg, this camera is very suitable for supporting shooting off the field. Moreover, this camera is made with superior material body which is made of magnesium alloy, a material that is highly resistant of dirt, dust, and any change caused by the weather. One of the advantages of this camera is it has very compact design with hand so the shooting process will be easier.

– Having large and clear screen
This camera uses 1 million dot resolutions screen with a width of 3.2 inches which is made of anti-reflective transparent material. Therefore, the screen looks brighter and sharper. Moreover, this camera has an additional LCD live view features with the clear view that greatly facilitates the process of image settings such as AF point, ISO, and also a horizontal level that you can use.

– Having a wide range of ISO, 100-25600
This camera is capable of capturing images at speeds up to 6 fps. In addition, although we are shooting in low light conditions, you still will get maximum results. This camera is also capable of taking video footage for 30 minutes with a high-resolution full HD quality.

So, how is it? These are from’s points of view.

Are You Interested in Iron Doors?

If you are thinking about investing in an iron door for your home, there has never been a better time to buy. This is because high end manufacturers like Regal Iron Doors are in the market and providing outstanding quality to those who want to upgrade their homes. Consider the following benefits when deciding if an iron door is right for you.

More Secure
As soon as your iron door has been installed, your home will be safer. Criminals who see that your front door is made of iron won’t even bother trying to break in and if they do, they’ll have to get through 2-gauge steel. In most cases, a thief will simply move on to an easier target.

Low Maintenance
You will barely have to maintain your iron door once it has been installed. All you will have to do is periodically wipe it down with a non-abrasive cleaner and a rag, and it will look as good as new in no time at all.

Increased Property Value
Your home will become more valuable once you have purchased your new doors. Not only do they make the home look better, but they are extremely durable and will stand up to anything that you put them through.

Tips to Choose the Right Garage Door

Each element of your home is carefully planned and designed to ensure a uniform, pristine look. The same should be said of your façade, including the garage. The garage door style should match your home, whether rustic or contemporary. But it’s a process to sift through all manufacturers and vendors to find just the right one. Look for those with innovative functions to get the most from your garage space, while adding value to your home.

• There are a few different types of garage doors to buy. Stock models are traditional models, found in most stores with standard features. You can also find semi-custom models designed to fit the stock pieces found in your garage, but boast a more stylish finish. Customized models are built from scratch to match your specifications.

• Look at your budget to determine what you can afford. Stock models are obviously the most cost effective, while custom models can actually increase your return on the investment. You’ll need to weigh the advantages with the drawbacks to find the model that fits your price range.

• Consider the weather in your area to find the best material for your geographic location. Damp climates beg for metal styles, while wooden doors are meant for more arid climates.