3 Basement Organization Tips for Your Home

The basement can often become a highly cluttered space in the home, and quickly become highly disheveled. Without proper organization, it can be nearly impossible to find what you’re looking for. Here are 3 simple ideas for basement organization.

Install Rafter Rods

Who says that only the floor and walls can be used to store your items? What about the ceiling? Consider attaching 2 loop hangers from one of the floor rafters in the ceiling, ensuring that you leave enough space between the rafter and the loop to install hangers. Place a shower rod through the loops, then place your hangers over the rod. You can use these hangers for things like seasonal clothing or closet organizers with pockets.

Install Rafter Shelves

Speaking of walls, you can create shelving units on them by installing rafter shelves. To do this, attach 1×8 inch boards across the bottoms of some of the rafters to create a shelf. You can then place your belongings over the boards to keep them off the floor and open up more floor space. Make sure the items in the boxes aren’t too heavy for the shelves.

Add Cord Tamers

To tame all the cords in your basement, consider adding cardboard tubes. Cover the tubes with paper and mark them with different colors so you can easily identify them. Slide one end of the bunch into the cardboard tube, then feed the cord through to the other end. You can then utilize a basket to house all of your cords.

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